Buying A Home With More Privacy

When you are purchasing a home, you want to make sure it has some features that are most important to you and the rest of your household. If you enjoy plenty of privacy, but not necessarily a secluded property, then you may find it easier to find the right home in a specific type of neighborhood. Here are 3 types of communities that can offer your family added privacy:

A gated community – You may want to consider purchasing a home that's situated in a gated community. While the homes are generally positioned close to each other, the privacy comes more from the fact that not just anyone can drive through the neighborhood. Instead, they must first enter through the gates which will require them to announce themselves to a guard or through an intercom, or use an access card or code in order to open the gates. This type of setup generally helps cut down on door-to-door sales, religious congregation solicitations, and other unexpected knocks at the door. It can also significantly decrease the amount of crimes in the area surrounding your home.

A community with an HOA – Communities that have an HOA in place also tend to offer a bit more privacy for a few different reasons. One thing is they tend to be monitored to a certain extent and will generally have signs posted that warn travelers not to solicit or trespass. This can cut down on people finding their way into your yard who you wouldn't want there. Also, a lot of the communities with HOAs have some form of added security, whether it comes in the form of hired security that patrols the area or a neighborhood watch program that's in place.

A rural community – You can move into a more rural area, where the community is made up of homes that have larger lots to them. A farm and ranch home would be a good example of rural living. When you have a home that is on a piece of land that has a large lot that's an acre or more, then you will automatically have extra privacy since you won't be living right next door to your nearest neighbors. There are many other benefits that come with a lot of space that you can also enjoy besides more privacy. You can have more animals, enjoy a quieter living environment, enjoy more space for outdoor entertaining, have more space to put up outbuildings, and much more.