Watch Out For These Telltale Signs Of Neglect When Buying A Home

A home is one of the most expensive undertakings most homeowners make in their lives. That is why you need to be very careful when buying a home so that you don't buy a dilapidated structure thinking that it is structurally sound. In particular, you should watch out for these signs of neglect when evaluating a house you want to purchase:

Signs of Staining

Staining is always a bad sign irrespective of where it is located. However, the location of the stains can tell you what kind of damage you should suspect. Here are some common stains and what they may mean for the house:

·         Stains on the ceiling – Streaks of stains on the ceiling typically mean that there is or there was a water leak.

·         Stains in the basement – Staining in the basement usually point to a water problem, such as a burst pipe or floodwater from outside.

·         Stains in hidden or moist areas usually point to mold problems, especially if they are accompanied by a musty odor.

Drafts on Areas That Should Be Sealed

The areas around electrical outlets, windows, and doors, among other openings, are susceptible to air leaks. Air leaks are bad because they allow conditioned air to escape outside and also allow outside air to get inside; thus, such drafts are causes of energy inefficiency. What is more, the issue is relatively easy to solve (caulking does wonders); so, if they haven't been taken care of, it might mean that the owner is lax with maintenance.


Just like stains, cracks are bad almost everywhere, especially the moderate to larger cracks. However, you should especially be worried about large cracks in the ceiling and walls. Such cracks may indicate foundation issues, which aren't easy to deal with.

Condensation inside Window Panes

Properly sealed windows should be airtight, which means they should not have moist air inside them. Therefore, look at the windows keenly and try to detect if there is condensation inside them. Condensation inside the glass also means that you are staring at potential energy inefficiency if the windows aren't replaced with energy efficient ones.

Hardwood Floors Hidden From View

Lastly, you should be suspicious of a hardwood floor that is completely hidden from view, say, with lots of rugs. It may be nothing, but it may also mean that the owner is hiding some defects. You can get confirmation if you can get permission to lift the rugs and view the actual floor.

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