Fire: A Common Concern With Buying Large Homes And How To Quash It

Fire is always a concern when you are buying a home. However, buying a very large home (i.e., anything over three thousand square feet) carries a greater risk of fire with it. Fires that burn down smaller homes are not so great a financial risk as these larger homes, estates, and mansions are. The financial investment is less, and therefore the losses are less as well.

If you own a larger home, estate, or mansion, and you want to sell it, you may find that it is proving to be difficult. Those that are legitimately interested in buying have shied away after a single tour. That could be because they are very worried about their financial investment in something that could go up in a puff of smoke. Here are some ways to quash that concern in interested buyers and finally sell your house.

Fire Suppression Systems

Fire suppression system services can install a sprinkler system throughout your home. While this is not the most attractive project, it is one that definitely puts the fears of buyers to rest. It adds value to your home as well, which means that you can command a higher price for it. With a sprinkler head in the ceiling of every room, you can point out to potential buyers that they have nothing to fear when it comes to fire.

Fireproofing Wood Features

The older the house/estate/mansion, the more likely you have old wood features. You can fireproof these features with special chemicals and treatments. Flame retardants are used both inside and outside a home, so you could spray the outside too to prevent arson.

Removing Dry Rot

If wood in your home appears to have some dry rot, that is a bigger problem. Dry rot is difficult enough to get rid of without the threat of fire. If fire hits dry rot, the place goes up like a Roman candle, with the dry rot facilitating the fire's movement. Remove the dry rot and replace the affected wood. If you want to restore these areas, hire a historical expert to preserve the integrity of wood structures in the house.

A Safer Home Is a Better Buy

Now that you have made your manse safer, you can point out all of the safety features to buyers. They will appreciate what you have done with it. You will be able to sell it faster when potential buyers can see how safe you have made the house.

Contact a company, like Universal Fire Equipment , for more help.