Don't Chase Buyers Off

Once you decide to put your home up for sale, you want to start looking at the home in a different light. Looking at it from the perspective of a buyer will help you make changes now that can lead to a fast sale. Here are some of the looks that many home buyers hate and therefore you should make sure your home doesn't have -

A style that doesn't match the region: One of the things that many buyers won't appreciate is a style that goes against what would be considered normal for the region the home is located in. For example, you may find a lot of buyers are turned off by a beach style home that's located in a desert region or a desert style home in a beach area. It may be worth changing colors and other cosmetic aspects in your home that go against the grain before you start showing it to buyers.

A dirty looking home can scare off many: You want to be completely honest with yourself about the condition of your home. If you have let certain areas go to the point where buyers will be able to tell they have been kept dirty, this can be bothersome for them. Buyers may assume that there have been a lot of things neglected and even that they may end up with pest infestations if they find dirty areas.

Colorful permanent choices: If you are going to paint or change the flooring or countertops, try to stick with nice, neutral shades and colors. If you go with bright colors that may not meet the buyers taste, then this can stand out as a negative thing to them and they may choose another house over yours. Tans, whites and even light greys are going to increase your chances of buyers liking your home more than reds, dark blues, oranges or purples.

Small spaces: Most buyers don't like to see small areas when they come to look at a place. If you have areas you know are space-limited, do what you can to give them the appearance of being larger than they actually are. Good lighting, open window shades and a large mirror or two can really help to open up those smaller areas.

Outdated appliances and fixtures: Changing out those outdated appliances and fixtures can help buyers appreciate your home even more when they see it. If you skip this step, then they may look at all those outdated things and have it in their mind that there is more to do to get the house in what they would consider move-in condition than they really wanted to have to deal with.

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