Need Space To Care For An Elderly Parent? Why A Garage Apartment Can Be The Best Choice

With baby boomers continuing to move into their retirement years and beyond, some may be reaching the point where health or mobility issues prevent them from continuing to live alone. For their adult children, this often means finding a way to assist their parents with their needs, while still taking care of their own children and households. If you are a homeowner who is facing the problem of providing home care for one or both of your aging parents, this information can help you see how a garage apartment, like the ones built by, can solve this problem with ease.  

Adding easily accessible living space

Converting an attached garage into an apartment for an elderly relative can provide more accessibility than other spaces. Basement and attic apartments typically require the use of stairs that may be difficult for an elderly parent to navigate. In most cases, however, a garage apartment can be configured so that few or no stairs are needed when entering or leaving the apartment. 

Providing needed privacy for all parties

Parents who move into the guest room or any interior space in the main part of an adult child's home may feel uncomfortable, especially if they feel they are intruding in some manner. In addition, they can also miss the freedom and privacy they had when living independently in their former home. In both of these scenarios, a comfortable, self-contained garage apartment can be an excellent solution to provide the adult child and their elderly parents with the privacy and comfort they desire. 

Making care solutions easier as aging progresses

Another reason for adult homeowners to consider choosing a garage apartment to provide space for the care of an elderly parent is that it can make future care needs easier to accommodate. As elderly parents age and their health declines, many may face situations where additional equipment, such as hospital beds or mobility devices, are required. Since garages are always designed to be easily accessible from the street, having these large furnishings and devices delivered and installed is much easier than trying to get them into guest rooms, or into basement or attic apartments. 

Adding value to the existing home

Adding a well-designed garage apartment to an existing home can add value and versatility that will increase the home's value at resale. To learn more about the potential benefits in adding a garage apartment to your home, homeowners should consider discussing their plans with their real estate professional. Their agent will be able to help them determine how this type of addition will affect the home's market value, as well as helping them determine any zoning issues that may be encountered.