Are You Looking For A Smaller Residence?

Have you outgrown your large home? Perhaps you and your spouse are now empty nesters. Or, it might be that you are single, divorced, or widowed. Either way, if you have decided that it's time to move out of your large home and into a smaller residence, from looking at garden homes to checking out apartments for rent, here are some ideas that might help you as you transition from your larger home into a smaller one.

Think Of Your Life Style - As you begin shopping for a smaller home, think of how you live your life. For example, if you love to garden, you'll probably want to move into a home that has at least a small yard. If you love to entertain, then you more than likely want to have a somewhat larger living area. If you love to cook and bake, you'll probably want to find a home that has state-of-the-art kitchen equipment in it. Do you still plan to have overnight guests? If so, think of moving into a smaller home that has two or three bedrooms. You can then use the extra bedroom or bedrooms for an office or a craft room, still keeping a sofa-sleeper or a bed for when guests come to visit you.

Think Of Whether To Buy Or To Rent - Have you decided that it's more practical to rent than it is for you to purchase your next home? Maybe you have decided that you want to have somebody else do the upkeep on things that need repairing. If that's the case, you might be very interested in renting an apartment rather than in buying a small home. If you do rent an apartment, it will be great for you to be able to contact the office manager when there is a problem. For example, if you suddenly have a plumbing problem, wouldn't it be great to just call the main office of the apartment to request a work order? 

As you select your new house or a rented apartment, consider whether you want to live in the suburbs or in a downtown area. Do you want to drive less, or not at all? If so, consider looking for a place to live that is on a bus line. If you have decided for sure to live in an apartment, consider going to a rental agency that will find just the right place for you to live.