Four Things To Look For In A Home When You Plan To Have A Dog

Do you plan on getting a dog once you get moved into your new home? Many young couples enjoy having a dog. However, if you don't have a space that is set up for your pet, it can be a challenge. If you are currently house hunting and think you may get a dog down the road, here are some qualities to look for in that home.

A Fenced-In Yard

Being able to let your dog outside alone is so much easier than having to walk him or her outside on a leash repeatedly. You'll enjoy this feature, especially in the winter months when it is very cold. A fenced-in yard keeps your dog safe and secure when outside alone. Make sure the fence does not have any gaps under it, especially if you plan on getting a smaller dog. Dogs are great at squeezing under a fence.

Location in a Walkable Neighborhood

Even when you have a fenced-in yard, you are going to want to take your dog for a walk sometimes. It's nice not to have to put your dog in a car and drive to a park to do so. Look for a home in a neighborhood where there are sidewalks and where you will feel comfortable and safe walking alone with your dog. Good scenery helps, too!

Non-Carpeted Entryway

There will be days when it gets muddy, and your dog comes in with muddy paws. If your entryway is carpeted, your dog's paws will make a big mess in the entryway. So, look for a home with a non-carpeted entryway. Tile works well, especially if the grout is dark and will hide stains. Linoleum and vinyl flooring are also very easy to wipe clean.

Laundry Tubs

You don't want to have to take the dog to the groomer every time he or she needs a bath. Laundry tubs make it a lot easier to bathe a dirty dog without making a mess of your bathroom. This is especially true if the tubs are in the basement since you can avoid making a mess on the main floor of your home.

If you plan to have a dog, a home with the features above will make your life a lot easier. Let your realtor know that you plan to have a dog and that you are looking for these features. They can help you find suitable single-family homes in your area.