Signs That A Potential Buyer Isn't Ready For The Purchase

When selling a real estate property, you should be able to discern between buyers who are actually looking to make a purchase and are ready for it and other buyers. Here are some of the signs that a buyer is not actually ready for the home-buying commitment:

They Are Poor in Communication

A buyer who is interested in a house will answer emails in time, keep appointments, submit the required information, and return phone calls in time. This is especially true if they have made an offer or have realized you are interested in selling to them. No one wants to let a property go just because they didn't return a phone call. Therefore, a potential buyer who is that poor in communication is still a long way off from actually buying a house.

They Have Poor Financial Preparation

Sorting out finances is the first step in buying a house, and any serious buyer knows this. A serious buyer will get the down payment and earnest money deposit, gather bank statements, confirm their credit score, and even get mortgage preapprovals. If you get a sense that a buyer hasn't done any of these, and don't even know how much house they can afford, then they are probably not ready to take the plunge.

All Properties Seem Right for Them

Anyone who is ready to buy a house has a pretty good idea of what they want. Therefore, if a buyer seems unsure of what they want or seem to be interested in all properties, then they are not ready to buy a house right now; it might be that they are still in the searching stages. This is the kind of buyer who may be interested in looking at all the houses in a neighborhood even though they are all different. Some of them may even show interest in houses they haven't seen.

They Love Nitpicking

It is normal for a buyer to find fault with a house if the fault is actually there; after all, not all properties can be perfect. However, if all a buyer can see are faults, and many of them are rather mundane, then you should doubt their interest in the house. It might be that they are just looking for a way to back out of the deal.

Making this distinction may not always be easy and you may find yourself wasting time if you aren't careful. However, your realtor's experience means they will have no such difficulties, which is one of the reasons you need a real estate agent when selling a home.