Finding The Right Home In The Age Of Remote Work

Whether you're a contractor who works wherever and whenever from the simple tether of a computer, or if you're a hybrid full-timer who needs a stable office for work-at-home days, your home can have a significant effect on productivity. Decent internet, stable wiring, and enough local distractions are the core of a healthy and happy work-life balance, and a few of these housing options can help you make the right choice as you search through real estate listings.

Your Community Can Enhance Your Productivity

For many people, the concept of working from home or working remotely is based on physical and social independence, but there are multiple factors that can improve your ability to get the job done. The next home you choose can create many opportunities if you become a part of the right community.

Do you service your own tech? If you do, it's better to be near areas that sell parts and repair tools for computers and office equipment. Although services such as Amazon can ship most necessary parts to your home, there are times when you just don't have time to wait on a package--and there's always a chance that online shopping may fall through on the delivery.

Big box electronics stores aren't the only option. Find local computer shops, Internet Service Provider (ISP) offices, and even manufacturers/satellite offices for major tech products to be around a community that embraces tech. You may find yourself getting connected with the people who make the same tech you use to enhance your life and career, or you may make a new career change as you embrace remote work even more.

Internet Location And Infrastructure Quality

For a very brief part of history, the idea of moving into a new home and not having internet for a few days was a small nuisance at the most. Even though there are always options to collaborate and handle business without the internet, more parts of business, society, and government are dependent on the internet whether you are or not. Being without a connection can reduce your income or make important business a lot harder to conduct.

When choosing potential homes, figure out if your options have multiple Internet Service Providers. Homes that have multiple ISPs in the area will have more incentive to compete for your satisfaction, and can be motivated more effectively by threats to change service. Threatening the only internet business in the area won't do much until severe service neglect begins, and even then you'd have to deal with a lengthy legal battle. 

For any home, an electrical inspection is highly recommended. Tech households should also bring in a wireless modem to test out signal in different rooms to see if there are any performance issues because of the walls or other types of interference. You don't need to be connected to the internet; bring in a pre-configured wireless modem and connect it to the power, then check your signal on a phone.

Contact a real estate agent to discuss your tech needs in order to match your career and lifestyle to a new home.