3 Questions You Might Forget to Ask When Renting an Apartment

When you start looking for an apartment to rent, it's always important to find one that will offer the space you need at a price that is affordable for your budget, but these are not the only important features to find. There are a lot of other features to look for, and you may want to ask some important questions while you are meeting with the landlord. Here are several questions you might not think to ask the landlord when meeting with him or her.

When Is the Rent Considered Late?

One good thing to find out is if there is a grace period for rent. Most landlords require that tenants pay their rent by the first of each month, but some landlords will offer a short grace period to the tenants. This might be three days, or it could be up to seven days. Finding this out is important if you think you may have a few months where you will not be able to pay by the first of the month. When discussing this question, you should also ask how much the late fee is if you pay late.

Are Overnight Guests Allowed?

If you plan on having people over a lot, and if some will spend the night occasionally, you might want to ask the landlord if this is allowed. Most landlords do not mind if tenants have people sleep over from time to time, but they may prohibit this habit from occurring all the time. If this is something that is important to you, make sure you find out the rules before you rent the apartment.

Are Roommates Allowed?

The other thing you might want to talk to the landlord about is having a roommate. If you think that the apartment will be too expensive for you if you live alone, you might want to have a roommate to share the expenses with. The problem with this is that some landlords do not allow roommates, unless the roommates fill out applications and are placed on the lease agreement. If this is something you are considering, you should find out if this is allowed before you sign the lease agreement.

There are a lot of great questions to ask a landlord when choosing an apartment for rent. You may want to create a list of these and many other questions to ask before you meet with landlords.