Advantages Of Choosing One Of The Smallest Homes On The Street

When you're looking to buy a home and begin touring different neighborhoods, it's easy to be drawn to the largest, fanciest house on the street. However, you should also make a point of looking at homes that are smaller and less snazzy than their neighbors. While buying such a home might not seem as exciting, you will be pleased with making this decision for a number of different reasons. Talk to your real estate agent to have him, or her specifically look for houses that fit this description. Here are some advantages of choosing a smaller home in a neighborhood.

You Won't Overpay

When you buy the smallest house on the street, you'll almost certainly pay considerably less than you'd pay for one of the larger homes. On a street with mostly large homes and a few smaller homes, the former is often the most desirable — and this high demand can cause their listing prices to skyrocket. Conversely, if there's lower demand for the smaller homes, perhaps because some buyers' egos won't allow them to live in the smallest house on a given street, you can often find a high degree of affordability when it comes to the prices.

You Don't Have To Worry About Low-End Neighbors

For many homeowners who live in expensive and well-maintained homes, it's a major point of contention when a neighbor's home is an eyesore. You'll often find that a neighbor's poorly maintained home or overgrown yard can lower your property value, even if your house is on the pricier side. This can especially be a hindrance when you're trying to sell. When you buy a smaller, lower-priced home in a neighborhood, you won't often have to worry about this problem. Instead, you'll appreciate a boost in your property value over time because the other neighbors around you are keeping up their homes and yards.

You'll Enjoy The View

Another perk of buying a smaller, lower-priced home is that you'll be able to look out your windows and enjoy seeing higher-end properties. For example, if you've paid $175,000 for your house, but the one across the street goes for $275,000, it's easy to feel affluent — but without the price tag that comes with living in a large and fancy home. Whether you're driving home and are passing the large homes, or you're just sitting on the back deck and enjoying seeing the homes around you, this can be a satisfying feeling.

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