Four Simple Ways To Make Your Home More Desirable To Buyers

If you are trying to sell your house, you want to make it look as desirable as possible to potential buyers. There are many little things you can do to increase your home's curb appeal and make it more buyer-friendly. Here are some simple steps you can take when getting ready to sell your home that will make it look great and maybe even make it look a bit more expensive too.

Have Your Windows Cleaned

Your windows may not be new, but having them cleaned can give them a gleaming, like-new appearance. Hire a company to come in and professionally clean each window, including any outdoor trim or shutters. If you have patio doors or sidelights by your front door, be sure to have them cleaned as well. This is a great task to have completed before an open house or just before your real estate agent starts showing the home.

Replace Door And Cabinet Hardware

You don't have to give your home a complete remodel to give it a fresh appearance. Consider replacing old door knobs for each bedroom and bathroom, and replace the hardware on old kitchen and bathroom cabinets for a modern new look. This can be completed as a DIY project, so you'll only need to cover the cost of the new hardware.

Stage The Porch

Even if you don't spend much time on the porch of your home, it can be a great place to stage for home showings and open houses. Add a few potted plants and a pair of tasteful patio chairs to the space, and consider adding an outdoor area rug to add a cozy finishing touch to the porch area. You can also stage your backyard patio in much the same way to provide home buyers with ideas for how they can use the outdoor space. If you don't already have one, place a grill on the back patio, and accessorize it with a barbecue tool set.

Focus On The Lighting Scheme

You don't want the interior of your home to be dark, so take some time to focus on your lighting scheme. Replace darkly colored curtains to allow more natural sunlight to flow into each room, and replace light bulbs throughout the home to ensure each room is beautifully lit. If you have any rooms that don't have built-in light fixtures, consider adding a few lamps to brighten up the space.

Your real estate agent can provide you with additional tips you can use to make your house beautiful for potential buyers. Take this advice to heart, and spend some time giving your home a little TLC before you put it on the market.