Four Reasons To Consider A Ranch House

Single-story ranch homes were very popular a few decades ago, but modern house hunters sometimes see them as outdated or inferior to homes with several stories. This is simply not the case! The simple ranch home does have its advantages and can be a wonderful choice for your family. Here are four reasons to consider ranch properties.

You don't have to navigate stairs.

If you're young and agile, going up and down stairs may not seem like a big deal. But what if you break a leg? You may struggle to get to the second floor. What if you decide to grow old in your home? You'll need to install a stair lift if it has two floors. In a ranch home, you don't have to worry about stairs. If you're ever injured, you can safely access your whole home, and you won't have to re-organize or make a costly investment in a lift chair if you stay in the home past retirement.

You can reach all of the windows.

Cleaning windows on the second story of a home is quite difficult. Many homeowners don't clean these windows at all because they don't want to climb on a ladder. Hiring someone to clean them can get expensive over time. With a ranch home, you can reach all windows from just a step ladder, so you can keep them clean without risking your life to do so.

You can add on easily.

If you ever decide you need more space, it's very easy to add on to a ranch home. You only have to build one floor, which is so much simpler than designing a two-story addition. A roofer can easily extend the roof of a ranch home, too.

You won't have to worry as much about noise.

When you have a two-story home, sometimes noise travels up and down the stairs quite easily. This may be a problem if you have kids who play and run about while someone else is trying to sleep. In the typical ranch home, the rooms are quite spread out, so there is more physical space between them. If someone is on the other side of the home, you probably won't be able to hear them.

If these benefits sound great to you, ask your realtor to show you ranch homes in your area. There are plenty of nice ranch homes to be had in most towns and suburbs.