Three Reasons That A Bungalow Can Be A Smart Purchase

People often consider bungalows to be ideal homes for people as they age. This theory makes sense, as those who may have mobility limitations often appreciate not having to navigate a flight of stairs several times a day. Even if you aren't elderly, however, a bungalow can offer a lot. Whether you're buying your first single-family home, you're looking for a larger place to live now that you have children, or you're relocating as an empty nester, a bungalow can offer a lot beyond just having a lack of stairs. Here are three reasons to consider buying a bungalow.

Outdoor Maintenance Is Easier

When it comes to maintaining your home's exterior, it's much easier to get the job done properly and safely when you have a bungalow instead of a two-story house. Many tasks are much more doable with a bungalow. If you're trying to clean your gutters in the spring, for example, you can easily do so with a stepladder. With a two-story house, it takes considerable nerves to use an extension ladder to climb up to the gutters. Washing your exterior windows is also something that is easy in a bungalow and difficult in a two-story house. Other seasonal tasks, such as hanging Christmas lights, can also be a breeze when you only have to climb a few feet off the ground to get the job done.

Rooms Can Be More Spacious

Although there are tiny bungalows and enormous two-story houses, you'll often find that bungalows offer more spaciousness than their two-story counterparts. Even moderate-sized bungalows tend to have larger footprints, whereas two story homes' footprints are often smaller because they're taller. (A two-story home with a large footprint can be vast in terms of square footage, and thus very expensive to build and buy.) If you favor open-concept rooms and dislike cramped quarters, you'll often be pleased with what you can find when perusing the local bungalow market.

Lots Can Sometimes Be Larger

Two-story houses often have a smaller footprint, which means that they can theoretically fit in a smaller lot. While it's true that the larger footprint of a bungalow can mean that it takes up more of its lot, you'll often find that bungalows are situated on larger lots. Of course, this depends on several factors, but if you can find such a situation, it's ideal for families with children. The extra yard space gives your kids lots of room to play without having to go to a neighborhood park.