Four Benefits Of Choosing A Ranch-Style Home

When shopping for homes for sale, there are many different styles and floor plans to consider. If you are purchasing a single-family home for you and your tiny tots, there are a lot of great benefits that come with a ranch-style home. Here are just some of the many reasons to have a talk with your real estate agent about buying a ranch-style home.

Stair Free

If your children are young, you may be worrying about how to childproof your new home. Because ranch homes are single-story dwellings, there are no staircases to worry about adding gates to. This makes it easier to keep your little ones safe even if you aren't in the room. If you are looking at ranch homes with basements, be sure that the basement staircase has a sturdy door to make life a bit easier.

Accessible Bedrooms

Whether you have to get up for midnight feedings or your slightly older children want to come to you when they have a nightmare, the bedroom layout for ranch homes tends to be ideal for families. Bedrooms are are typically located close together, and even when they aren't, they are still all situated on the same floor. That means no stairs for you to climb when it's time to get a bottle for a baby, and there's no need to worry about tots tumbling down stairs when they can't sleep.

Easy Outdoor Access

Having a patio door that opens directly to the backyard is just another of the many benefits that can come with a ranch home. This simple transition from indoors to the yard is ideal for hosting backyard parties and for letting the kids play outside while you make dinner. The addition of a retractable awning can even create a cozy entertainment area without having to do major renovations to the home. Easy access to the backyard is also ideal if you have pets.

Compact Layout

If you prefer to have your family close instead of choosing a sprawling home, a ranch may be your best bet. A small ranch home offers a cozy layout, with the kitchen and living room situated close to the bedrooms. This is perfect for families with small children, making it easy to keep an eye on them from virtually anywhere in the home.

If you think a ranch-style home might be right for you, talk to your real estate agent about narrowing down your lis of potential homes to include only these single-story homes.