Ways To Give Your Home A Unique Appearance If Neighboring Houses Look Too Similar

In some neighborhoods, many of the single-family homes for sale are built to virtually the same specifications. If you're a homeowner in such an area, this attribute may not bother you on a daily basis — but your feelings could change when you're trying to sell your home. Some buyers aren't interested in buying homes that look the same as those around them, and this scenario can definitely be prevalent in many different neighborhoods. For someone who enjoys feeling unique, this type of residence will be a no-go. In order to make your residence as appealing as possible, there are several things that you can do to give it a unique appearance from its neighbors.

Change The Front Door

Changing the front door of your home is one of the simplest and least-expensive things that you can do to make a major impact on how the dwelling appears from the outside and distinguish it from neighboring houses that are virtually the same. A bold-colored door, for example, can make the house stand out and separate it from its counterparts. For example, if the similar homes on your street all have charcoal-colored front doors, consider something in burnt orange or even bright red. These cheerful hues will catch buyers' eyes. You may additionally wish to change the color of your shutters and even your garage door.

Get A New Driveway

A new driveway is a major undertaking, but if yours is in poor condition and you feel that it could scare away from potential buyers, or cause people to submit low-ball offers, getting a new one installed is a good idea. If the homes on your street that are virtually identical to yours all have asphalt driveways, consider something with a unique appearance such as interlocking bricks. This style of driveway is arguably one of the most visually appealing, and the investment may also help you to charge a little more for your home.

Consider Other Exterior Changes

There are many other ways that you can distinguish your home from those around it that look similar. Changing the fence around your yard can be ideal. If your neighbors' homes are surrounded by chain-link fences, consider a wooden one. Similarly, if your neighbors' homes don't have decks in the backyard, a new deck can really boost the appeal of your listing. These additions can also help you to command top dollar for the purchase of your home by justifying a higher listing price than any comparable homes in your neighborhood.