How To Find Off Campus Housing For Rent

If you are looking at off-campus housing for rent, you may be eager to save a few bucks per month for housing while still finding a place that will be conducive to your life as a college student. Here are some suggestions on how to find off-campus housing for rent and have it work out beautifully. 

Share When Possible

Since you are looking to save money, it makes sense to try and get a place where you can share it with other roommates. Ideally, these would be other students who are looking for off-campus housing, but it could be anyone. You can find roommates by posting flyers around campus or on a student message board. Also, consider looking at listings for off-campus housing that is a room in a shared apartment rather than an entire apartment. 

Look for a Place That's Student Friendly

When you interview a potential landlord or roommate, you want to make sure the place is student-friendly, and that means asking a few key questions. First of all, if you will be living with someone, try and find out what their personal habits are like. Are they going to be home during the day, or do they work a 9 to 5? How much noise do they think is appropriate? Will they frown upon you occasionally pulling an all-nighter or returning late after a party? You don't want your off-campus housing to affect your lifestyle as a student, so just make sure you will be comfortable in the place you choose. 

You can also tell whether a place is student-friendly or not by seeing what other kinds of residents live there. If there are many other students, then it's probably a situation that will be good for you as a student. 

Learn About Subletting

Something that's tricky for students who live off campus is finding a place that is willing to rent for just part of the year, that is, the months when you're in school. When you search on sites dedicated to finding off-campus housing for rent, you are more likely to succeed at finding this arrangement. If you are renting from a person who is just a general landlord or roommate, make sure you ask permission to sublet your room during the summer months. That gives you the opportunity to regain the money for rent during those months.  

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