Buying A Home With Mature Trees

If there are mature trees on the compound of a home you are planning to purchase, then you shouldn't ignore the presence of the trees. Here are some of the notable things about buying a home with mature trees.

Note That You Could Be Getting a Goldmine

The first thing you should know is that mature trees have numerous benefits, some of them even financial. Here are some of these benefits:

  • They reduce air conditioning costs by regulating the temperature of the surrounding
  • They reduce noise pollution, trap windblown dust, and mitigate wind strength
  • They may put money in your pocket when you remove and sell them
  • They may increase your property's resale value

Have the Trees Inspected

Before rushing in to buy a property with mature trees, however, have the trees inspected. This should be a special inspection performed by a tree professional. You need to know how healthy the trees are, whether they are near the end of their lifetime, and whether they are too close to the house. The inspection report will help you understand whether the trees add value to the property or are a liability.

Pay Special Attention to the Foundation and Roof

If the mature trees are close to the house, then you should pay special attention to the foundation of the home and the roof. These parts of the house are more susceptible to tree damage than other parts. For example, tree roots that reach under the house may damage the foundation and falling tree branches or debris may damage the roof. This won't be the case, however, if the current owner has been taking good care of their property, for example, by trimming the trees as needed.

Don't Base Your Decision on the Mere Presence of the Trees

Lastly, you should not make an emotional move by basing your decision on the mere presence of the trees. This is easy to do if you love trees, and you may easily forget to dig deeper and find out more about the trees and their effects on the property as discussed above. Secondly, you should not turn away from the property simply because it has mature trees and you it is hard work to care for them; reread the benefits of mature trees above. In short, consider the pros and cons of the mature trees just as you wound, no doubt, do with other aspects of the property.

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