The 5 Main Steps of Selling a House

Selling the house that you live in is a process many people go through when they decide to move, and there are several key steps required in this process. If you have never sold a house, here are the five main steps you will need to take in order to achieve this goal.

Prepare and stage the house

The first step of selling a house is preparing and staging the home. This step may take only a couple of weeks, or it might take longer, but this will depend on the current condition of your home. Preparing your home for sale involves doing the necessary things to the house to make it more appealing and nicer-looking. The goal is to make your home marketable and easy to sell.

Contact a real estate agent to list it

The second step of selling a house is calling a real estate agent to list the house. Listing the house is the step that puts the house on the market for sale, and this step is how you will find a buyer for your house.

Perform showings on the house

Once a house is listed on the market, people will begin seeing the listing. Anyone that sees your house listing and is interested in it will contact your real estate agent to set up a viewing of the house. Allowing showings on your house is how you will sell the house, so you should make sure you are flexible with showings, and you should also aim to keep your home show-ready all the time.

Negotiate an offer you receive

After you show your house, you will hopefully receive an offer on it. It may take showing your house several times or dozens of times before this happens, though, but eventually, someone will want to buy it. When this occurs, you will have to review the offer and decide whether to counter it or accept it. As soon as you can reach an agreement with the buyer, you can move on to the final step of selling a house.

Close on the deal

Closing on the house is the final step, and it will usually take several weeks or months to close on a house after you reach a deal with the buyer of the house.

If you want to move to a different house but need to sell the house you live in, contact real estate sellers to begin working through these five steps.