Benefits Of Living In A Condo With Kids

You might think of condo homes as being mostly for young people and first-time home buyers. Indeed, many of the people who live in condos are young and childless — but not all of them. There are some advantages to buying a single-family condo when you have kids, too.

You don't have to worry about outdoor maintenance.

Especially when you are first adapting to parenthood, raising kids can be really time-consuming. You have to make it to doctor's appointments, take them to daycare, cook foods they love, and so forth. Mowing the lawn is probably way at the bottom of your list of priorities. In fact, you may not want to do it at all — and you don't have to at a condo. In a condo community, all outdoor maintenance is handled by the maintenance crew, so you can spend your days caring for the kids instead of pulling weeds and fertilizing the lawn.

There will be other kids nearby.

Making friends with the neighbors is so much easier when you're in a close-knit community like a condo community. There will be so many other people within a short walk of your home, and some of those families are bound to have kids. As your children grow older, they will like being able to walk to their friends' houses, and you can feel safer about them doing so since they're just going down the street or across the parking lot.

There are built-in activities.

Many condo communities have a playground and a pool. These are excellent amenities to entertain the kids. If you were to live in a single-family house, installing a pool would be expensive, and your only other option would be to pay admission to a public pool, which could be busy and not overly well-kept. Similarly, most suburban homes don't have a playground just steps away.

They are affordable.

Nothing stretches your budget quite like having kids. Buying a condo is often more affordable than buying a house of a similar size. This leaves you more room in the budget for other things, like private school, dance lessons, guitar lessons, and the like. You may find that you want to upgrade to a bigger home down the line when your kids are older, but for now, buying a condo may be the best way to stay in your budget without sacrificing your lifestyle.

Condos can be great homes for families with kids. Talk to a real estate agent in your area to learn more.