3 Signs You May Need To Find A New Realtor

Are you not enjoying your search for a new home? If so, the problem may be with the realtor you chose rather than the market or even your own efforts. What are some signs that you may have the wrong realtor? Here are a few of the most common and what you should look for instead.  

1. The Realtor Doesn't Communicate

You need a realty partner who is responsive to you and is proactive about letting you know what's going on. While the realtor doesn't need to call you every day if there's nothing to add, they shouldn't leave you feeling in the dark either. And you should be able to get responses to your own questions in a timely and satisfactory manner.

Lack of good communication slows down the buying process and could even jeopardize your ability to get the house you do really want. A good communicator will keep you in the loop enough to advance toward your goal on a regular basis without interrupting your life. 

2. The Realtor Doesn't Follow Instructions

If you've given a list of your 'must have' or 'deal breaker' items to your realtor, then they shouldn't be showing you things that don't fit your needs. A good realtor strives to understand what the client is really looking for and won't waste your time on houses that don't reasonably fit the bill. The more they suggest properties that fall outside your range, the less time you can spend finding the right place. 

A good realtor understands not only the specific details you want (or must avoid) but also the reasoning behind them. This way, they will understand that you need a guest bedroom for your grandparent's frequent visits and also that you might value having an accessible house for them to enjoy when they visit. 

3.  The Realtor Is Pushy

Do you feel like your realtor dominates the conversation, makes you second guess your choices, or tries selling you on houses that you aren't interested in? If so, your realtor may not be the right fit for you.

A home purchase is a personal decision, so you should never feel pressured into something you aren't sure about. Realtors who are aggressive about the wrong things reduce your confidence and distract you from the goal. The right realtor, on the other hand, serves as a guide to help you find what makes you happy. They offer expertise when needed but also let you be in charge of the process. 

Have you experienced any of these problems with your current realtor? Then it may be time to rejuvenate your home search with a new partner. Learn more by contacting a new realtor today.