Need A Real Estate Agent? How To Conduct The Interview

Real estate agents are indispensable when you are selling a home. Finding just the right agent is vital to the success of your endeavor. For more guidance on how to find an agent that is the perfect fit, read below for some interview tips

Set Up An Interview

This is your chance to talk with an agent and get to know them and how they do things. With that in mind, make a list of your concerns and questions so you'll be prepared for the interview. While the below should get you started, think about what you personally need to know before you place your trust in an agent.

Job Experience – The amount of time on the job that works best depends on your own needs. If this is your first time using an agent or you are very nervous about the process, you might be better off with a seasoned agent with years of experience.

Areas of Interest – Agents often concentrate their work in a particular area. In rural areas, though, you might find agents that cover entire multi-county areas. If you are looking to sell in a large metropolitan area, the differences in various areas of town can be vast so be sure your agent knows all about the your neighborhood.

How Busy Are They? – You want an agent to be busy because that is often a sign of success but you also want to be able to contact them when needed. You can ask the agent how many other clients they are currently working with to gauge that. Some agents have a team of assistants to help out when things get suddenly busy.

Special Considerations – If you feel your situation is unique and requires special handling, be sure to bring it up at the interview. Any of the below should be discussed at that time:

  • You are a first-time seller or buyer.
  • You are dealing with an estate situation.
  • You are selling a home as-is.

About Commissions – Ask how much the agent charges in commissions to sell your home for you. In some cases, commissions can be negotiable. The commission cost is based on a percentage of the selling price. Seasoned, experienced agents can command higher commissions and are usually worth the higher price. 

For more information on how to get started on selling your home, call a real estate seller near you.