Get The Home You Want With An Offer Letter

Homebuyers looking for a home need more than just a good offer these days — although you need that too. To make your offer stand out, some real estate experts are advising clients to include a personal letter along with the offer. Want to try this yourself? Read on and make your offer harder for sellers to overlook.

Introduce Yourself

Most sellers never know anything about the buyer till they see them across the closing table. You might want to include these details:

  • Your names, ages, and how long you have lived in the area or where you are relocating from.
  • Your employment information including a short summary of what has brought you to this time in your life and career.
  • Education details about you and your children. For example, if the area has the perfect school for your child, say so.
  • Pets, hobbies, volunteer activities, etc.

Make yourself memorable to the seller.

Why You Want to Buy the Home

Now comes the part where you flatter the seller by complimenting their home. This is your chance to list the things you love about the home and why. Sellers often have emotional attachments to their home so selling is a bittersweet experience for them. Let them visualize a new family loving their home as much as they have.

Financial Matters

Here, let the seller know about your financing plans. If you will be financing the home, mention the approval letter from the lender. Then, let them know about any closing details. Most sellers want a quick closing and you likely want that also. If your offer is less than the asking price, explain why. You might, for example, state that the home appears to need a new roof. Be sure to be tactful and try to avoid insults about the home's condition.

Some Final Tips

It's important not to gush or overdo the flattery. Be sincere, honest, and very specific. For example, if you've always dreamed of a sunporch, let the seller know about that. Keep the letter short and to the point. One page is enough — otherwise, it might never be read. Don't hand-write the letter. Use a computer and print it out. That way, you can avoid difficult-to-read handwriting and grammar issues. Some buyers also send gifts like chocolates or flowers with the letter. Though not necessary, moves like that could make just the right impression on the seller.

For more help in getting your offer approved, speak to your real estate agent.