What To Look For In A Pet Friendly Apartment

If you have pets, it's important to make sure that your new apartment is right for both you and them. This includes not just making sure that pets are allowed, but that it's actually good to have pets at that apartment. Here are some of the things you should look for.

Quiet Location

Most people think of pets as the ones that make noise, but they often only make noise because they're being disturbed. If you choose an apartment where you can always hear your neighbors moving around or people walking outside, your dog will probably always be barking at the outside noises.

If you choose a quiet location, your dog won't have anything to bark at. Even for other pets, like cats that don't make noise, outside noises can still be a cause of stress. If you have animals that are easily startled, you need to make sure you choose a quiet apartment.

Dog-Friendly Area

Some apartments have small areas to walk dogs. Others may only allow dogs on certain floors. Make sure you know what the rules are before you move into an apartment.

In addition, make sure you include those areas on your visit. You want to see if they're in good condition, kept clean, and as big as advertised. Some real estate listings are also incorrect and can include things a property doesn't have or that have been removed. Always verify everything in-person before you sign.

Pet Rent

Many apartments charge extra rent if you have pets. This might be a fixed amount or based on the number of pets you have. When you search online, the rent shown is usually the base amount of rent.

Some apartments are better than others about posting additional fees like pet rent, so it's important to ask questions. Depending on how much pet rent they charge, the cheaper apartment can quickly become the most expensive. When you sign your lease, make sure the pet rent is what they told you it was.

Pets Allowed

Make sure you get the full list of what pets are and aren't allowed. For example, if you only have a cat now but want a dog in the future, you don't want to move into a place that allows your cat but doesn't allow any dogs. You should also check for things like breed limits and weight restrictions.

To find apartments that are good for your pets, check local apartment listings today. Keep these tips in mind when looking at apartments near you.