Why A Manufactured Home Can Be A Great Choice

Many people seem to have misconceptions about manufactured homes based on what they have seen and heard in the past. However, these homes have come a long way over the years with many improvements that make them a worthwhile purchase. Even though the home is made in a manufacturing plant, the inside can look and feel just like a real home. Here are a few things that you should know about manufactured homes before you decide to buy one.

They Are HUD Certified

When you buy a manufactured home, know that it is going to be HUD certified. This means that all manufactured homes meet the standards set forth by the United States Department of Housing and Urban Development. You are not going to be buying a home that doesn't meet the requirements set forth by the government, and it ensures you won't be purchasing a subpar structure. 

They Can Now Be Built In More Places

There used to be many restrictions when it came to where you could place a manufactured home. Thankfully, the regulations have been changing to open up more land for manufactured homes to be built on. This will give you more options for where you can live with fewer land restrictions.

They Look Great On The Inside

When you step inside a manufactured home, chances are that you won't be able to tell that it is a manufactured home. That's because the inside can be made with high-quality materials. While the layout of a home will conform with what you would expect with a manufactured home, the amenities and features are nicer than ever before. 

They Are Energy Efficient

You may be surprised at how energy efficient a manufactured home can be. That is because of the regulations that are in place when constructing a manufactured home. You'll find that the energy bills are quite low when it comes to heating and cooling a manufactured home, which helps make it an affordable choice for those looking to buy one.

They Can Be Placed On Purchased Land

A huge misconception about manufactured homes is that they need to be placed on rented land, with the rent being as expensive as a traditional mortgage on a stick built home. It is possible to put a manufactured home on purchased land. When you consider the lower property taxes you'll see on a manufactured home, it can really reduce your monthly expenses. 

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